Next Level Lending – NMLS #2100485. VA Approved lender. 

Fair Lending

Next Level Lending (NLL) is committed to lending fairly. We comply with fair lending laws, such as the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. We require annual fair lending training of all of our employees. And we strive every day, and in many different ways, to make sure that everyone has a positive experience with our company.

Non-discrimination is an integral part our company ethic. We proudly serve the heroes of our nation without bias, from the beginning of the loan process to the end. For example:

  • We encourage loan applications – we do not discourage individuals based on race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, familial status, receipt of public assistance, or whether an individual has exercised in good faith any right under a consumer protection law.
  • We make credit decisions based on defined guidelines for safe, sound lending and consistent credit parameters – applicants in similar financial situations will have similar outcomes at VUHL.
  • We continue to treat borrowers fairly once their loans have closed – we do not apply default remedies discriminatorily.

We market ourselves honestly. We adhere to marketing rules, including those that address unfair or deceptive practices. We ensure that we provide clear, honest and accurate information to our customers and to the public. We do not want to bring customers in under false pretenses. We attract customers by providing them with an accurate understanding of what products we offer and how we do business. (Our sky-high customer survey results help attract customers, too.)

We treat customers fairly and take their concerns seriously. We are passionate about making our customers happy so we take customer service very seriously. We understand that sometimes a customer will have a problem, concern or question about his or her loan or experience with our company. We have a team of employees dedicated solely to resolving these issues promptly and to the customer’s satisfaction. The team’s approach: Respond quickly, listen carefully, thoroughly investigate and, in the end, deliver the right solution for the customer.

The bottom line? NLL understands that fair lending is what is right, both for our customers and for our company. We are committed to complying with both the letter and the spirit of fair lending rules. Our Client Advocate Team, in cooperation with our Legal and Compliance Departments, is ready to answer any individual customer questions (719) 963-2601 or [email protected].